5 essentials of decorating

It is interesting to find out what makes interior design stand out.  You would think in a world where everything is possible and strict decorating rules seem not to be as important, decorating would be easy. There are thousands of different ways to get design inspiration just thinking of all the magazines, interior design shows on TV and design blogs.  Decorating is becoming easier and everyone can do it.  Every style has its own name, mixing and matching is in fashion and clear rules are disappearing.

But there are still differences in professional interior design and just decorating for fun.  It is interesting to see that the same principles of decorating that were important in the past are still essential today.  I highly appreciate the skills of professional decorators.  They understand what it takes to bring out emotions and feelings in a room.

Talking about all principles and elements of great decorating becomes overwhelming, especially for someone who is not a designer. Therefore, I am pointing out five decorating principles that I consider outstanding:

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Working the Long Tail

The Jazzy Jobber is a communication platform among manufacturers, distributors, retailers and the end users. Instead of focusing on the competition I am looking for new products and new services.

This is a very open model where a multitude of products is offered and the users decide if the product enters the market.  Products that I am offering have to be inspirational, which means customers must be emotionally engaged with these products.  The products that you will find on this website are unique.  The story of the product is important to find out how customers feel about the product.

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4 Steps to the Millenial Customer

With the successive retiring of the baby boomer generation, a new type of customer is going to dominate marketing in the future.

The buyers of the millennial generation spent $27 billion in 2014 on furniture and bedding, which is 142% more compared to 2012, according to Furniture Today’s Director of Research, Dana French, in a recently published analysis about the shift of generational buying power in the last years. http://www.furnituretoday.com/article/518483-consumer-buying-trends-boomers-buying-power-decreases-17

There is common agreement that this generation will be a driving force in sales and marketing in the next decades, but it seem like there are blank spots and uncertainties regarding the way to work with this new kind of customer.

One goal of the Jazzy Jobber is to provide a platform for the millennial buyers.  In this post I will discuss main characteristics of this generation and how to engage them.

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