Hello World,

Finally this is my first blog. After a long time of researching and studying I am proud to start my series of articles about modern living, marketing and aspects about decorating.

First I will begin with thoughts about the reason and importance of interior decorating and ways to make your home come closer to you. Second I will take a look at sustainable living and why it matters .Third I will write about a group of customers that will shape the way of marketing and sales, the millennials.

The changing of the customer requires a different approach to marketing. I will explain the approach of the Jazzy Jobber and how it is different from traditional marketing.

I will also talk about rules of decorating and interior design, how it has changed over the years and in which ways it is probably still one of the most interesting things in our modern world.

The classic brick and mortar store is still and will continue to be an important part of shopping in the future. I will discuss this phenomenon in more detail and try to find ways to increase the importance of retail stores even more.


"The Beginning" Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.



Combing modern forms of marketing together with the characteristics of a new customer, leads to a discussion of ideas to optimize merchandising in a retail store.

One of my favorite subjects in interior design is fabric. Besides adding color and lighting it is an easy and often cheap way to instant change the setting of a room.

Fabric is an important parts of upholstery and window treatments. Therefore I will also talk about chairs and sofas and upgrading a room by using fabric.

Fabric also plays also an important role in regards to a daily: Sleeping

So I will include research about sleep and how to improve your sleep.

Puhh… what a long list.

Let’s get started!

And always remember:  This is the Jazzy Jobber!  Not an expert, but pretty close to it 😀

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