Inspired and Artful Living

The way we live is part of the key to our happiness.  By surrounding us with the people, color, and treasures that are meaningful to us we invent our own world.  We create happiness if we can see what we love.

A good start to this process is trying to look at things more closely than other people do. Make connections between different things and ideas. How can these connections help you solve the problems and challenges in your life?  Looking at things from different angles can transform old ideas to something totally new.

Make up your mind about what you see. When you are somewhere else think about what you like and don’t like. Dream and fantasize about possibilities. Tear out photos of beautiful rooms in magazines. This way you find out what’s appealing to you without the need to have it. You can let your imagination run free.


Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein


Find beauty in everyday things. Everything happens for a reason. Keep pictures in your mind of the beautiful world around you. Live with what you love and collect what touches you. Fill your home with joyful creativity and artwork. Let your spirit grow and expand.

Engage your senses!!! How do things look, feel, smell, and sound. Can you apply these impressions in your home? How does this inspire you? Be inspired by artists you connect with. Learn from these artists about their inspirations, their techniques, and their processes.


Be inspired!

Be inspired!


Trust your instincts and make your own choices about the things you want to live with. There are no rules. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Shoot for mismatching and eclectic. Everything goes!!! ( Explore:Decorate fearlessly!: Using whimsy, confidence, and a dash of surprise to create deeply personal spaces”, by Susanna Salk.

Use home repair, fabric and art supply stores as an opportunity to become familiar with all kinds of materials like metal, wood, paper, clay, and paint. Don’t limit the use of color or think that colors must match. Experiment and don’t be afraid.

The best part of this process is that the pace is totally up to you. It’s your home and you are creating your home simply because it’s interesting and personally challenging to you. You can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. You can give lots of attention to details, and you create your own luxury.

Slow down and enjoy the process of getting there. The journey is its’ own reward!



1.“The Artful Home” by Toni Sikes

2.“ Learning to think like artist”, Craig Roland , Art Educator,



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