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Loden, Linen, Lace – European Craftsmanship with Sustainable Tradition

Jazzy Jobber offers European crafted Loden, Linen and Plauen lace. Our focus is on sustainable, ethical and artisan fabrics with the highest grade of customization and quality.  Europe has a long tradition of craftsmanship. Knowledge and skills were transferred from generation to generation. Classic, even historical patterns, weaving and dyeing techniques from Europe enrich modern life with their incomparable charisma and unique quality.

The linen weaver

Jazzy Jobber has developed a comprehensive network of small, family owned textile companies which stand up for their product. Due to excellent relationships with our suppliers, we are proud to provide the highest grade of transparency in the supply chain.

At Jazzy Jobber we constantly improve design, production and use of our textiles. Empathy with the customer is the most important thing. The responsible use of raw materials, the cooperation with regional suppliers and the application of traditional processes contribute to the sustainability of our fabrics.

We offer unsurpassed quality and great design in styles ranging from historic reproductions and traditional, classic patterns to mid-century and contemporary patterns. Our products impress with their meticulous workmanship, durability, and not at least with the bright colors that we combine in ever-changing designs. Our fabrics are suitable for everyday use and easy to care for.

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