Schiffli Embroidery

Schiffli Embroidery is a Swiss invention; “Schiffli” is the Swiss word for boat. The Schiffli machine is a multi-needle loom whose field of embroidery is wide constant and coinciding. This machine uses approximately 1000 needles that are placed in horizontal lines one above the other. The fabric is held against the entire width of the loom and the needles like the sewing machine move back-and-forth through it. The characteristic feature of Schiffli embroidery is the ability to create diverse luxurious patterns with a 3-dimensional effect. It is the also used to produce Guipure Lace.

Jazzy Jobber offers customs-made lace and embroidered products, as well as accessories and embroidered fabrics. We also do large wall coverings, historical replicas and personalized textiles.

The Designs are from modern to timeless; from classic to festive and elegant. From the special tablecloth to textile designs for an extraordinary occasion or a special anniversary, everything is offered without a minimum quantity. Customer owned material orders included!

We accompany our customers along the entire product development. Everything is covered from the design proposal, implementation ideas, coordination and production up to the finished product.

If you want to learn more about our embroidery service, please contact us.