The Meaning of a Home

Starting out a series of posts about modern living marketing and aspects about decorating emphasizes what influence homes have in our personal life.

The author of the book “House as a Mirror of Self” Claire Cooper Markus  explains that  what we place in and around our home are material expressions of our identity and self disclosure in a safe and private and environment.

A home is more than a place to live in. Citing Claire Cooper Markus  a home fulfills many needs:

  • a place of self expression
  • a vessel of memories
  • a refuge from the outside world
  • a cocoon, where we can feel nurtured and let down guard
  • a place where we can feel safe

Even considering the fact that it is less important today to have a representative and always tip top clean home, our space speaks about who we are.  It’s not about other people – It’s about you!

The way that people arrange stuff in their homes can be related to the experiences we had as kids. Recalling things from the past can make you understand how and why things are or appear today.  Are there any connections to the present?  All of this contributes to the emotional state of mind and makes as aware of the way we are today.

Claire Cooper Markus states: “It’s not about architecture, decorating styles or real estate BUT it’s about our  experiences with dwellings in the past and present.”



“Relax, Feel Save, Feel Home!”


Therefore we must understand and acknowledge what makes a home individual and in which ways. Ones home reflects ones personal self. We should ask:”What is my home trying to tell me?  What does my home mean to me? ”Don’t just ask WHAT, ask WHY!

Designing or re-designeing a home can support you in becoming the person you are or who you want to become. Look for the positive! Beware of beauty! Display with pride what you have accomplished! The interior of your home can express your close relationship with nature, your cultural identity, your appreciation of extended family.

What you currently have in your home can be a part of your inspiration. Even little things can make a big difference. You can use fabrics to show your appreciation for warmth and coziness,

All these efforts will help you to reflect your personal style. You will create space for more passionate living and you will develop the ability to feel comfortable.

For more information about this topic I recommend the book “Soul Spaces” by Xorin Balbes

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